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Name:Ronan Michael Winslow
Birthdate:May 11
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Ronan Michael Winslow was the second born son to Josie and Dwayne Winslow, high school sweethearts who rushed up the aisle for a quickie wedding when Josie discovered she was pregnant with identical twins when she had a poor record of remembering to take her birth control pills. They hadn't been ready for one baby, let alone two for the price of one, but neither wanted to terminate the pregnancy and thought they would figure it out as they went. Dwayne shelved his plans to go to college to become a journalist to get a job as a delivery driver and Josie never really knew what she wanted to do anyway, so stay-at-home-mom was as good as anything. They welcomed twin baby boys, first Regan and then Ronan four minutes later.

Ultimately, the marriage fell apart with the stress of trying to raise two babies when they were so young themselves. They divorced and Dwayne finally enrolled in college when he was awarded a scholarship. It was his talent for writing that Ronan would ultimately inherit. Ronan was a lot like his dad, where Regan was definitely more like their mom. After the divorce, Josie followed her dreams of becoming a professional Equestrian trainer when both her and Dwayne's parents were incredibly helpful to them raising the boys. Ronan and Regan both have fantastic relationships with both parents, and all their grandparents to this day. Josie now trains high school kids and young adults in school and college Equestrian circuits in New York, the family having grown up in New Rochelle.

Ronan always wanted to be a writer, but his dream was to become a screenwriter, for TV or movies; he wasn't fussy. After completing high school, he had attended college at the New York Film Academy where he completed a Masters of Fine Arts in Screenwriting. It turned out, he had a deep-seated talent for it and he knew it was exactly what he was meant to be. It wasn't long before his first script was picked up for a TV show, which won him an Emmy Award. It turned out that Regan would also enter show biz in a very different capacity. He did a degree in Zoology, graduating with Honours, and became an animal trainer for animals in TV shows and movies, which meant he and Ronan operated in the same circles. Where Ronan was quiet, sweet and studious, Regan was boisterous, loved sports, sex, and partying. Where Ronan ultimately came out as gay, there was no doubt about the fact Regan was straight. They were Yin and Yang twins.

Soon, after three successful TV show pilots sold, and two still in production but now written by writing teams, Ronan moved into the movie business and scored a job as a co-writer on his first movie. He was also penning his own movie screenplay that he was hoping he could sell. But first, he needed some more experience in the business, so he took the co-writer position. It was there that he would meet the love of his life, Orion Drake Argyle, a highly successful and famous British actor who had a question mark about his true sexuality hanging over his head due to a stunt he pulled for a bit of fun, snogging a guy in front of a pile of paparazzi in London that igniting his popularity even more. Many argued he was bisexual, others argued he only did it as a publicity stunt for his new movie that rose quickly in the box office charts. It was Orion's first time working in Hollywood when he met Ronan, the movie he was co-writing and working as Associate Producer on had Orion staring in it. It was a chance meeting at a coffee shop a stone's throw from the studio that was the beginning of a relationship between them that they kept very quiet initially.

Orion didn't want the media to assume this was another publicity stunt for the movie he was working on, and he didn't want to have to deal with constant press invasion into the relationship. It meant a lot to him and he fell pretty damn hard for Ronan. They dated throughout the whole production and when it made the top ten at the Box Office, Orion proposed to Ronan on a celebratory dinner cruise. Their wedding was a small affair in England with just their closest family and friends who knew about their relationship. They were one of the first same-sex couples to legally marry (not just a civil union) in England when the laws changed and now Orion has been flirting with the idea of coming out publicly as not just a gay man, but a married one.

They had postponed their official honeymoon of cruising on the Queen Mary around the world. It ended up being belated because Orion had been right in the middle of publicity for his last movie after they married. It had been around the time he won his first Golden Globe, so life was just absolutely freaking crazy. They postponed the official honeymoon, but still stole a few nights away in Monaco right after their wedding. After finally having their Queen Mary cruise, life became a a hectic whirlwind and it had all led him here, stepping off the biggest cruise ship in the world to fly into New York where they were would be living permanently.

However, some days the celebrity lifestyle gets to Orion, which is where he is appreciative to have his life with Ronan kept on the hush as some sort of sanctuary and peace for him from that crazy lifestyle. It is what has been holding him back in coming out, and going public with their marriage. Ronan's first movie script was picked up by top Movie Producer, Adrian Hewitt, which Orion was cast in the leading role. He plays a military pilot who was subject of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" movement, who gets diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that sends his whole world crashing down around him. It has been pegged as potential Oscar winning work, and has really made him think about his life more seriously. A lot of changes have been happening quickly for him, and now he just needs to decide if he's ready to share his husband with the world or not.

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